Frequently Asked Questions

  1. faqAre the Troops of St. George Catholic?  Yes. All of our boys and all of our adult leaders are Catholics in good standing with full fidelity to the Catholic Magisterium, the Holy Father, and the local bishop.
  2. Can non-Catholic Fathers or Guardians attend campouts or meetings with their Catholic son?  Yes, but it is expected that the Father/Guardian will bring his Catholic son/ward to Mass and all other religious activities.
  3. Can Mothers help out?  Of course!  However, the leadership and camping activities are for men and boys only.
  4. I’m a single Mom.  My son’s Father is not in the picture.  Can my son participate in TSG?  Yes! A boy’s father does not have to attend meetings or campouts so long as another male guardian (e.g. Uncle, Grandpa, etc.) attends with your son at campouts. Please contact us to discuss designating a guardian.
  5. Are you affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America?  No.   TSG is a Catholic outdoors movement for fathers and sons. Our mission, goals, and standards are entirely different from the Boy Scouts of America.
  6. Do you have a ranking system?  Yes we do.  Please contact us by email for more information.
  7. Can the rank from a similar camping organization be transferred to TSG?  Yes.  Please contact us for more details.
  8. How old does a boy need to be in order to join TSG?  Boys aged 6-18 can join a Troop of Saint George. Boys aged 6-10 are in the junior section of the local Troop. Young men aged 11-18 are in the senior section of the local Troop.
  9. Is this a boys club?  Most definitely not!  This is an outdoors movement that entails things such as knot tying, camping, dutch oven cooking, fishing, etc.  Additionally, while we encourage community service, this is not the point of TSG.
  10. How often do you have meetings?  Troop 5 has a goal to meet one time per month.  This may vary due to holiday schedules (i.e. Nov & Dec). Click here for list of events.
  11. How often do you go camping?  Troop 5 has a goal to camp out at least 8 times per year.  We have been blessed with access to an amazing 250 acre wooded area where our Troop can camp, hike, fish, and explore.  This wooded area is approximately 35 minutes from SEAS and is owned by a parishioner. We also take trips to camp at other locations including some state parks.  Click here for list of events.
  12. Do Fathers & Sons tent together at campouts?  Yes.  All boys must camp with their Father or Guardian in the same tent.
  13. Do we need to bring our own food to campouts?  No, all food and water will be provided.  You are, of course, free to bring snacks and additional water if you’d like.
  14. My family has dietary restrictions.  How does this work at campouts?  Please contact us so we can share the menu with you allowing you to bring your own food if needed.
  15. What utensils should we bring to campouts?  Please bring a mess kit, including utensils, thermos style water bottle and/or coffee mug. Troop 5 avoids disposable dinnerware to reduce cost and waste.
  16. Are adults allowed to drink alcoholic beverages or smoke at campouts?  No.
  17. What kind of bathrooms are provided at campouts?  Latrines inside tents are provided.  There are no showers or running water but water will be provided to drink, wash hands, and clean dishes.
  18. How do I learn more?  Please contact us if you have questions.
  19. This sounds amazing.  How do I join?  You can register online here!

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